Decking is a fashionable addition to your front or back garden, and it has some great benefits.

It is a relatively cheap to create a decked area and can be constructed in quite a short time. Maintenance is minimal and can usually be done by the homeowner.

Decking is simple

Unlike traditional patios – decking does not require too much digging for foundations or support. So disturbance to your beautiful garden is minimised; A smaller area of decking can sometimes be created in around a day and can sit over soil or existing patio. Note that we’ll always lay a damp proof membrane to ensure plants can’t grow up through your decking.

There are various treatments we can apply to your decking when we’ve finished depending on what you prefer and how you’ll be using the decking – from stain, to high gloss or wax treatments.

We’ll be happy to provide a quote for your decking, usually we can visit within 24 hours and give you a price within hours. Just give us a call and we’ll arrange a survey.

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