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There are important decisions to be made while thinking about bathroom fitting. The materials used will often be expensive and so you should consider carefully whether you wish to undertake the project yourself or if you should pass the job to experts like us.

If you only have the one bathroom in the property then replacing it can cause major problems, especially if you have a family and the toilet is out of use. For this reason it is important to get the toilet fitted as soon as possible.

Bathroom fitting and design

You probably have some bathroom fitting ideas, but have you decided which plumbing fittings you are going to use? Probably not, so here is a brief outline of what is required while thinking about bathroom fitting-

  • Measure the room to ensure what kind of bathroom will fit.
  • Measure up and purchase the necessary tiles, adhesives and grout.
  • Decide which plumbing fittings you are going to use
  • Calculate the amount of pipe and fittings that you will require to complete the project, you may also need some stop ends in order to blank off the water pipes temporarily.
  • Consider whether or not you require under floor heating
  • If the floor is being tiled, does it need reinforcing first?
  • Is the ceiling being replaced or decorated, if it is then it is best if this is done first, before removing the old bathroom.
  • Is the lighting adequate or will it be replaced.
  • If using metal pipes do they need bonding? If the circuits in the bathroom are not RCD protected then they probably do!
  • Is there an extractor fan fitted and does it require replacing?

We will complete the tiling, fitting units, plumbing, electrics.If you’re not sure if we can complete your bathroom fitting project within your budget, contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

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