We are specialists in wooden flooring, both solid wood and laminate. We also supply and fit a wide range of quality wood.

All wooden floors can be fitted on to any surfaces such as concrete, (floated) timber baton. We remove all existing skirting and replace this with a choice of wood that suits.

Choosing a floor: Laminate vs. Hardwood

If you are planning on replacing your floors you may want to consider using either laminate or hardwood floors. The selection process may be confusing and daunting at times, in addition you’ll always get different views and information from one salesperson to another.

If you speak to a professional installer or contractor who had experienced working with both products over the years you’ll find that most of them would favor hardwood floors. However, do not rule out laminate floors in your selection process, instead be aware of the advantages and/or disadvantages of both.

Comparisons between laminate and hardwood floors:

  1. Material and Method: Laminate wood floors are photographed image with repeating patterns while hardwoods are natural or milled from trees and no one piece is alike.
  2. Lifespan: Laminate is limited with less than 20 years while hardwood floors will last 20-100 years depending largely on maintenance, care, and type of style chosen (engineered/solid).
  3. Maintenance: Laminate wood is easier to maintain while hardwood floors are harder. Some clean obsessed people complain about the presence of foot prints after cleaning laminate wood. Nowadays, hardwood floor maintenance has improved greatly compared to 20-30 years ago with the emergence of pre-finished wood which does not require waxing the way it used to.
  4. Refinishing: Laminate floors cannot be refinished or stained while hardwood floors can be. So in case you decide one day you like a darker stained wood, you cannot apply new finish to laminate while with hardwood it can be done.
  5. Repairs: Laminate floors are more difficult to repair compared to hardwood floors. With laminate, you have to almost remove several planks before you can fix one, but with hardwood, depending on the way they were installed, you can cut one piece with a saw and put in another without removing the other planks. You can attempt to do this with laminate, but it will not look as good in the end.

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